August 21, 2013

    Published August 21, 2013


    An African Bullfrog is placed on a weighing scale during the London Zoo's annual weigh-in in London.


    Members of conservative civic groups (not pictured), which consists of North Korean defectors living in South Korea, release balloons towards North Korea in Yeoncheon, near the demilitarized zone separating the two Koreas, north of Seoul.


    Indian laborers carry a giant basket of vegetables to a wholesale market in Kolkata.


    Saidi, a former fisherman, collects plastic cups for recycling at Pluit lake in Jakarta, Indonesia.


    A cameraman films the figures of Soviet soldiers at the base of the Soviet Army monument painted in pink in Sofia. Unknown artists have painted the nine soldiers in pink during the night and wrote "Bulgaria apologizes" both in Bulgarian and Czech language in what appears to be an artistic apology for Bulgaria's support in smashing the Prague Spring uprising against the Communist rule in August, 1968.


    Syrian refugees cross into Iraq at the Peshkhabour border point in Dahuk, 260 miles (430 kilometers) northwest of Baghdad, Iraq, Aug. 20, 2013.


    Students play with their iPads at the Steve Jobs school in Sneek. The Steve Jobs schools in the Netherlands are founded by the O4NT (Education For A New Time) organization, which provides the children with iPads to help them learn with a more interactive experience.


    People in costumes parade in the street during the annual Badagry festival in Lagos, Nigeria, Aug . 20, 2012. This year festival is in honor of Marcus Garvey, a proponent of "Back to Africa" movement in the United States.


    Visitors play "Sims 4" at the Electronic Arts EA exhibition stand during the Gamescom 2013 fair in Cologne, Germany.


    Pelicans are being fed in their enclosure at the bird park in Marlow, north-eastern Germany.


    Massive waves from approaching Tropical Storm Trami slam into breakwaters near Toucheng, north eastern Taiwan.


    Super heated exhaust is a byproduct of engine testing in the Engine Research Building (ERB) at NASA’s Glenn Research Center, Cleveland, Ohio, USA.


    A beach along the coastline of Arnhem Land, east of Darwin, in Australia's Northern Territory. Geologists say the Northern Territory, which is the size of South Africa, has abundant diamond, gold and uranium reserves.

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