• A boat on the Mekong River passes Chinese-run Kings Roman Casino in the special economic zone in Laos. (D. Schearf/VOA)
    • Construction in the distance in the Golden Triangle, where the 3 Mekong countries meet. (D. Schearf/VOA)
    • The massive boulevard built in front of the Kings Romans casino. (D. Schearf/VOA)
    • Flower petals blanket the entrance to the casino. (D. Schearf/VOA)
    • Construction in the special economic zone. (D. Schearf/VOA)
    • Burmese laborer Khun Kyar Kan has been working in the area for three years. (D. Schearf/VOA)
    • Statues of Roman-like Gods in front of Kings Romans Casino. (D. Schearf/VOA)
    • A construction site next to the Golden Triangle relocation village. (D. Schearf/VOA)
    • The Golden Triangle Village. (D. Schearf/VOA)
    • A Lao woman who is a resident in the village. (D. Schearf/VOA)
    • Ouy Kham, a Lao resident of the relocation village says there are not enough trees to grow food. (D. Schearf/VOA)
    • A billboard advertising a future golf course in the special economic zone. (D. Schearf/VOA)

    Construction in the Special Economic Zone in the Golden Triangle

    Published May 01, 2012

    Near the famed golden triangle where Laos, Thailand and Burma meet, a Chinese company plans to turn huge tracts of jungle and farmland once associated with the opium trade into a tourism magnet.