April 10, 2014

    Published April 10, 2014


    People take a tour in an "upside down home" in St. Petersburg, Russia. The exhibition charges less than $10 for a walk through three-room and two-bathroom house.


    U.S. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel reviews the honor guard during a welcome ceremony at the Mongolian Ministry of Defense in Ulaanbaatar.


    Jimmel, an owl-faced monkey, protects her one-month old baby at the zoo in Antwerp, Belgium.


    Somalis run from a fireball and explosion during a market fire in the capital Mogadishu.


    A pro-Russia protester stands at a barricade outside a regional government building in Donetsk, Ukraine.


    Protesters use their phones to show lights outside the parliament building in Taipei, Taiwan, after an occupy protest ended over a contentious trade pact with China.


    A Bee shaped hot air balloon floats over rice fields during the Philippine International Balloon festival in Lubao town, Pampanga province, north of Manila.


    Balinese men carry an animal statue during cremation ceremony at a beach in Bali, Indonesia. The cremation is an essential rite of passage for Balinese Hindus as it is considered a means of releasing the soul from the body so that it can be reincarnated.


    Catherine (L), Duchess of Cambridge, holds the hand of a baby in the crowd after laying a wreath with her husband, Britain's Prince William, at the war memorial in Seymour Square in the town of Blenheim, New Zealand.


    Different types of bullets are seen after impact on a flak jacket displayed at the "Expo Seguridad," or Security Expo in Mexico City, Mexico, April 9, 2014.


    Police bomb disposal experts search for evidence next to the remains of a car after a car bomb explosion in central Athens, Greece. A bomb exploded outside a Bank of Greece building before dawn, causing some damage but no injuries.


    She Ping, a 34-year-old beekeeper, is seen during an attempt to cover his body with bees, in Chongqing municipality, China. He used queen bees to successfully attract more than 460,000 bees, weighing over 45 kg (99 lbs), within 40 minutes, local media reported.


    Quentin Coton competing in a men's 200m breaststroke serie during the French Swimming championships in Chartres.

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