Library at Temple University to Open in Fall 2018

    VOA News

    Published March 05, 2016

    Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, will open a state-of-the art, technology-rich library in 2018, designed for social and academic interaction on campus and in the surrounding community.


    A reading nook pulled off to the side from a stair hidden inside the dome will provides a moment of tranquility for students at the main Temple University Library at Philadelphia, PA. (Credit: Snøhetta/Stantec Architects)


    The new library at Temple University in Philadelphia, PA will feature a 3-story domed atrium lobby with white terrazzo floors, a cafeteria and a 24/7 zone. (Credit: Snøhetta/Stantec Architects)


    Artist rendition of the new main library at Temple University in Philadelphia, PA. (Credit: Snøhetta/Stantec Architects)


    The top floor of the Temple University Library will be a sun-filled reading room. The green roof will provide a unique outdoor for students. (Credit: Snøhetta/Stantec Architects)


    The site of the new Temple University Library is located at the intersection of two major pedestrian walkways on the campus, and is adjacent to a planned quadrangle. (Credit: Snøhetta/Stantec Architects)


    The grand wooden arched facades cut into the stone volume will highlight the glass entrances of the new main library at Temple University in Philadelphia. (Credit: Snøhetta/Stantec Architects)

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