Almigdad Mojalli's Photos for VOA

    Published January 17, 2016

    Freelance Yemeni journalist Almigdad Mojalli was killed Sunday morning in an air raid by the Saudi-led coalition on rebel-held Sana'a while on assignment for Voice of America.


    Yemeni tribesmen await remains of one of their own killed in clashes, Khawlan al-Tyal, a tribal area east of Sana'a, September 2015. (VOA/A. Mojalli)


    When this home in Hajar Aukaish, Yemen, was bombed, four children, for women and two men were killed. (VOA/A. Mojalli)


    Locals help villagers that lost their homes recover their belongs that were scattered during the bombing of Hajar Aukaish, Yemen, April 2015. (VOA/A. Mojalli)


    About twenty houses in the Hajar Aukaish, Yemen, were at least partially damaged by airstrikes that academics say have killed hundreds of civilians since the bombing began in March, photo taken April, 2015. (VOA/A. Mojalli)


    The al-Nour center is Sana’a’s only school for the blind, serving roughly 250 people and housing more than 100. (A. Mojalli/VOA)


    An outraged Yemeni public says the attack on Yemen’s most vulnerable children is an attack on humanity. (VOA/A. Mojalli)


    This neighborhood, where more than 100 buildings have been destroyed, has brought attention to the plight of Yemenis, Sana'a, Oct. 9, 2015. (VOA/A. Mojalli)


    As the Iran-Saudi Arabia diplomatic crisis dims hopes for peace talks in Iran, locals say airstrikes are intensifying, and all the victims are Yemeni, Dec. 2015 (VOA/A. Mojalli)


    UNICEF says roughly half a million Yemeni children are in danger of starving to death, in a country where child malnutrition was widespread, even in peacetime, Dec. 2015 (VOA/A. Mojalli)


    The home of Hussein Al-Aukaishi, a stone cutter was destroyed in an airstrike, Hajar Aukaish, Yemen, April, 2015. (VOA/A. Mojalli)


    On the day after an airstrike, families mourn their lost relatives but say there is no way they have the resources to rebuild their homes, in Sana'a, Yemen, July 13, 2015. (VOA/A. Mojalli)

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