Idomeni Camp Refugees Mull Future in Europe

    Published March 17, 2016

    War refugees from Syria and Iraq already in northern Greece never held out much hope that Thursday’s meeting would lead to the opening of Balkan borders for them, but with nothing definitive about their future, there is a scramble to see if they can enter an EU relocation scheme most were rejecting only weeks ago.


    Refugees at Idomeni camp keep warm by burning a soiled blanket. (Jamie Dettmer for VOA)


    Refugees at Idomeni camp discuss their next moves; how best to get deeper into the European Union. (Jamie Dettmer for VOA)


    A Syrian mother dashes to stop her kids from playing too close to an open wood fire. (Jamie Dettmer for VOA)


    More than half of the refugees at the Idomeni camp are women or children. (Jamie Dettmer for VOA)


    A Syrian girl navigates a muddy field. (Jamie Dettmer for VOA)


    Refugee kids at Idomeni camp aim for the skies. (Jamie Dettmer for VOA)


    Refugee kids at Idomeni camp play on the train tracks. (Jamie Dettmer for VOA)


    Two refugee kids walk on top of piled up rusty iron railings at Idomeni camp. (Jamie Dettmer for VOA)


    Refugees are on the tracks but going nowhere. (Jamie Dettmer for VOA )


    A refugee family leaves their temporary home to join the food distribution lines. (Jamie Dettmer for VOA)


    A Greek father and son waiting to hand out food to Idomeni refugees. (Jamie Dettmer for VOA)


    In addition to living in tents, Syrian families have also been camping out in unused freight cars. (Jamie Dettmer for VOA)


    A few hundred refugees are camping out at a gas station 18 kilometers from the Idomeni camp. (Jamie Dettmer for VOA)

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