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March 08, 2013 6:54 PM

On the Line

Published March 08, 2013

On the Line

Smart talk about issues and ideas that matter.

On the Line is a lively forum, where newsmakers, policy experts, diplomats, activists, academics and journalists discuss world events. It focuses on the critical issues shaping the future, and gives those issues the vigorous, serious debate they deserve. The program broadcasts worldwide on VOA Television, and is also heard on VOA radio. Condensed versions of the program can be heard in translation in over 40 languages via VOA radio's language services.


This Week's Program:

Weaponization of Information
This week, we’re looking at information warfare, particularly as practiced by authoritarian governments and terrorists. We discuss how governments, even non-state actors engaged in nefarious activities, use information and social media to influence people around the world. Russia is the focus of this discussion, though the United States also plays the game. Why are we seeing ‘the weaponization of information’? Can we trust what we see and read? Join the conversation on HashtagVOA.

Peter Pomeranzev: Journalist, TV Producer, Author (from London)
Maria Snegovaya: Blogger/Journalist, PhD student at Columbia University (from New York)
Tom Vanden Brook: Reporter, USA Today newspaper (from Virginia)
Doug Bernard: VOA Reporter (from VOA Washington studio)