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March 08, 2013 6:54 PM

On the Line

Published March 08, 2013

On the Line

Smart talk about issues and ideas that matter.

ON THE LINE is a lively forum, where newsmakers, policy experts, diplomats, activists, academics and journalists discuss world events. It focuses on the critical issues shaping the future, and gives those issues the vigorous, serious debate they deserve. The program broadcasts worldwide on VOA Television, and is also heard on VOA radio. Condensed versions of the program can be heard in translation in over 40 languages via VOA radio's language services.


This Week's Program:


Yemen, a strategically critical Western ally, that is also the breeding ground for Islamic extremists, is in the throes of a political power struggle fueled partly by a rivalry between regional powers, Saudi Arabia and Iran. HashtagVOA goes to the source to bring viewers up to date on the fight for Yemen.
Hakim Almasmari: Editor in Chief, Yemen Post (in Sanaa, Yemen)
Zaid Ali al-Alaya'a: Journalist, Political Analyst (in Sanaa, Yemen)
Stephen W. Day (PhD): Author, "Regionalism and Rebellion in Yemen" (in Orlando, Florida)
Mohammed Albasha: Spokesman,  Embassy of Yemen (in Washington DC)