FILE - In this 2006 photo, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia listens to President Bush speak during a ceremony at the White House.

    US Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia Dies

    Scalia, the longest-serving justice on the high court, was found dead Saturday morning in Texas 

    Photographers brave the cold to take pictures of guests arriving during Fashion Week in New York, Feb. 13, 2016.

    Life-Threatening Cold Covers US East Coast

    ‘Stay indoors to the maximum extent possible,’ New York mayor says as temperatures in some areas drop to as low as minus 37 degrees Celsius 

    U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry delivers a speech at the Munich Security Conference in Munich, Germany, Feb. 13, 2016.

    Video Kerry: Syrian Crisis at a Turning Point

    Speaking Saturday at security conference in Munich, secretary of state said 'decisions made in the coming days, weeks and months' can either end the war or 'open the door to even wider conflict' 

    Republican presidential candidates take the stage before the CBS News Republican presidential debate at the Peace Center, Feb. 13, 2016, in Greenville, S.C.

    US Republican Candidates Spar at South Carolina Debate

    National security and immigration plans debated ahead of South Carolina primary 

    FILE - Navajo Nation Council Delegate Davis Filfred walks along the San Juan River, Aug. 11, 2015, in Montezuma Creek, Utah.

    Native Americans Ask: What About Our Water Supply?

    They say they have been facing a dangerous water contaminant for decades - uranium – but the problem has received far less attention than water contamination by lead in Flint, Michigan 

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    President Obama's Statement on the Death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scaliai
    February 14, 2016 2:58 AM
    The president called Scalia a "larger than life presence on the bench" who "will be remembered as one of the most consequential judges and thinkers to serve on the Supreme Court." Obama also said he plans to nominate someone to fill Scalia's seat on the bench "in due time."

    Video President Obama's Statement on the Death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia

    The president called Scalia a "larger than life presence on the bench" who "will be remembered as one of the most consequential judges and thinkers to serve on the Supreme Court." Obama also said he plans to nominate someone to fill Scalia's seat on the bench "in due time."

    Video Looking for an Unusual Valentine's Treat? Try the Chocolate House

    Valentine's Day is around the corner, and Americans are searching for the sweetest gifts for their loved ones. Ariadne Budianto takes us to a place where chocolate-lovers can do just that.

    Video At the Oscars, A New Side of Holocaust

    Since World War II, the Holocaust has been the subject of countless films. Son of Saul by Hungarian Laszlo Nemes and Labyrinth of Lies by German – Italian Giulio Ricciarelli are two new additions in the filmography. Both have been nominated for an Oscar in the category of Foreign Language Film for their great cinematography, their exceptional acting and mainly their cutting edge approach to the Holocaust saga. VOA’s Penelope Poulou has more.

    Video World Powers Agree on ‘Cessation,' Aid Plan for Syria

    World powers have agreed on a plan for a ‘cessation of hostilities’ in Syria, but have stopped short of securing a cease-fire, a move sought by the Syrian opposition to end Russian airstrikes on rebel-held Aleppo. Foreign ministers in the International Syria Support Group also agreed to expand delivery of humanitarian aid during their talks in Munich. VOA's Pam Dockins reports from Munich.

    Video Trade, Security on Agenda as US Hosts ASEAN Leaders

    Trade and Pacific security will be on the agenda when U.S. President Barack Obama meets next week in California with leaders of 10-member states of ASEAN, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations. VOA's Mike O'Sullivan reports that U.S. officials say the meeting is part of an American rebalancing to the Asia Pacific region.

    Video US Co-ed Selective Service Plan Stirs Controversy

    Young women may soon be required to register with the U.S. Selective Service System, the U.S. government agency charged with implementing a draft in a national emergency. Top Army and Marine Corps commanders told the Senate Armed Services Committee recently that women should register, and a bill has been introduced in Congress requiring eligible women to sign up for the military draft. The issue is stirring some controversy, as VOA’s Bernard Shusman reports from New York.

    Video After NH Primaries All Eyes on South Carolina

    After Tuesday's primary in New Hampshire, US presidential candidates swiftly turned to the next election coming up in South Carolina. The so-called “first-in-the-South” poll may help further narrow down the field of candidates. Zlatica Hoke reports.

    Video New Yorkers Celebrate Chinese New Year

    All week, a quarter of the world’s population is celebrating the Chinese New Year, which marks the start of the year on China's lunar calendar. In New York, the mayor declared a public school holiday to observe the occasion — a development in sharp contrast with how the Chinese-American community has been treated in the U.S. in the past. With VOA's Ramon Taylor narrating, Victoria Kupchinetsky reports.

    Video Illinois Voters Have Mixed Emotions on Obama’s Return to Springfield

    On the ninth anniversary of the launch of his quest for national office, President Barack Obama returned to Springfield, Illinois, to speak to the Illinois General Assembly, where he once served as state senator. His visit was met with mixed emotions by those with a front-row seat on his journey to the White House. VOA's Kane Farabaugh reports.

    Video Civil Rights Pioneer Remembers Struggle for Voting Rights

    February is Black History Month in the United States. The annual, month-long national observance pays tribute to important people and events that shaped the history of African Americans. VOA's Chris Simkins reports how one man fought against discrimination to help millions of blacks obtain the right to vote

    Video Presidential Candidates Provide Grist for Comedians

    The U.S. political campaign season is in full swing and as the presidential contenders take center stage, actors and comedians are drawing inspiration from the candidates for acts on their own, smaller stages. In Hollywood, a comedy show called "Candidate Confessions" is drawing crowds. Elizabeth Lee has more from Los Angeles.

    Video Outsiders Trump and Sanders Win New Hampshire Primary

    Two political outsiders, Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Bernie Sanders, were the big winners in their respective New Hampshire primary contests Tuesday. Ohio Governor John Kasich also had a breakthrough night with his second place finish behind Trump in the Republican race. The results suggest long and perhaps bitter fights ahead for both party nominations. VOA National correspondent Jim Malone has more on the New Hampshire vote from Manchester.

    Video Nuclear Arms, Terrorism, Cyberespionage Challenge US Security in 2016

    U.S. intelligence officials say nuclear arms programs, terrorism and cyber espionage are among the top national security challenges facing the United States this year. U.S. national intelligence chief James Clapper and the head of the Defense Intelligence Agency, Vincent Stewart, told the Senate Armed Services Committee Tuesday the array of challenges and crises that confront the United States is more diverse than ever. Zlatica Hoke reports.

    Video Remarks from Top Contenders After NH Primary

    Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and John Kasich all made comments after results became clear in the 2016 election cycle's first primary.

    Video US, World Powers Seek Change in Russian Behavior

    On the sidelines of the Munich Security Conference this week, world powers will convene the first full meeting of the International Syria Support Group since talks on a political transition in Syria bogged down. A focal point for the group will be Russia’s stepped-up aerial bombings in Syria, a move many say is hampering progress on the political front. VOA State Department correspondent Pam Dockins reports.

    Video New Hampshire Voters Kick Off Presidential Primaries

    Voting began in the northeastern U.S. state of New Hampshire shortly after midnight Tuesday - as residents of three small towns cast their votes, marking the start of the state's presidential primary election.

    Video Foreign Policy Weighs Heavy for Some US Voters

    VOA talks to protesters in Manchester, New Hampshire who sound off on foreign policy issues such as the Guantanamo Bay Prison, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Middle East Affairs and national security.

    Video Candidates Make Final Push for Tuesday's New Hampshire Primary

    U.S. presidential contenders have made a furious last-minute push for votes in New Hampshire, site of the nation's first presidential primary on Tuesday. Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Bernie Sanders lead in the latest polls from the state. But there is an intense battle among several Republicans for second place in Tuesday's primary, and the order of finish could lead to some contenders leaving the race. VOA National correspondent Jim Malone has a preview from Manchester, New Hampshire.

    Video Chocolate Lovers Get a Sweet History Lesson

    Observed in many countries around the world, Valentine’s Day is sometimes celebrated with chocolate festivals. But at a festival near Washington, the visitors experience a bit more than a sugar rush. They go on a sweet journey through history. VOA’s June Soh takes us to the festival.

    Video Bhutanese Refugees in New Hampshire Closely Watching Primary Election

    They fled their country and lived in refugee camps in neighboring Nepal for decades before being resettled in the northeastern U.S. state of New Hampshire -- now the focus of the U.S. presidential contest. VOA correspondent Aru Pande spoke with members of the Bhutanese community, including new American citizens, about the campaign and the strong anti-immigrant rhetoric of some of the candidates.

    VOA60 America

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    VOA60 Elections - Donald Trump has surged to a larger lead in the first three battleground statesi
    January 28, 2016 8:04 PM
    Donald Trump has surged to a larger lead in the first three battleground states