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US Prosecutors Cite Padilla 'Mujahedin Application'

U.S. prosecutors have introduced what they say is an application form American terror suspect Jose Padilla filled out to join al-Qaida.

The document was revealed at a bond hearing Thursday in Miami, at which Padilla pleaded not guilty to charges he conspired to commit terror attacks overseas.

Prosecutors say the document was found by the U.S. military after it invaded Afghanistan in 2001. Lawyers said it was found in a locker with similar documents, which they described as "mujahedin data forms."

They said the form contained Padilla's birth date and his adopted Muslim name, adding that a government witness has verified its authenticity.

Padilla's lawyers said prosecutors failed to show the form had any direct link to their client.

Padilla is currently being tried in a civilian court, after spending more than three years without charge as what the Bush administration terms an "enemy combatant."