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Zimbabwe  Female Candidates Hopeful in Saturday Elections

While attention in Zimbabwe is focused on the race for president, hundreds of parliamentary seats are also up for grabs. Nationwide, most of the candidates are men. But by contrast, in the tourist city of Victoria Falls, all those standing for election as lawmakers are women.

Fazila Mohamed is a local reporter who has been covering the campaign in the area. She told English to Africa reporter Chinedu Offor the electorate is looking forward to the polls. “There is a lot of enthusiasm from people about tomorrow’s election. So far it’s been very peaceful; just one incident was reported on an arrest. Some people had torn posters on the side of the road. People are going about their regular business. Safari company busses as well as groups of tourists are still coming across from Livingston, Zambia,” she said.

She noted the situation in Victoria Falls, where all the candidates for parliamentary seats are women, and said, “They are all prepared to work together.” Mohammed said the unusually large number of female candidates is due to the work of several groups promoting the need for such candidates.

“There has been a lot of awareness through different organizations. One in particular is the Women in Politics Support Unit, and a lot of women feel that if Joyce Mujuru can be a vice president being a woman, they are also inspired by that.”