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More Dead During Middle East Violence - 2002-03-05

At least seven Palestinians and five Israelis are dead after a day of rapidly escalating violence in the Middle East.

Israeli F-16 warplanes and combat helicopters launched massive raids targeting security complexes across the West Bank and Gaza Strip in another deadly day in the conflict with the Palestinians.

Three Palestinians, including a militant wanted by Israel, were killed when a missile slammed into their car in Ramallah.

The air strikes came after a series of attacks beginning when a Palestinian gunman opened fire in a Tel Aviv restaurant killing three Israelis before being shot dead by police.

Hours later a Palestinian suicide bomber blew himself up on a bus in the central Israeli town of Afula, killing himself and an Israeli passenger.

At about the same time Palestinian gunmen opened fire on a road south of Jerusalem killing an Israeli woman.

One Palestinian policeman died in a mysterious explosion in Gaza, while Israeli troops killed another Palestinian during a raid in the West Bank.

In an Arab neighborhood near East Jerusalem a bomb went off in a school injuring a teacher and seven students in a blast claimed by a previously unknown group of Jewish extremists.