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VOA Snapshot: 'New York, New York' - 2002-08-12

A VOA Snapshot, remembering our past as we look to the future in this, our 60th Anniversary Year.

VOA broadcasts originate from Washington. But once a week, from the late 1960s to the early 1980s, one of our programs originated from New York.

The contacts and star power of radio, television and film star Arlene Francis attracted a wide variety of guests to the VOA New York, New York studio. VOA engineer and native New Yorker Joseph Aiello, worked on many of the shows.

"She had everyone from a subway conductor to a symphony conductor. She had book authors. She had trash collectors. Everybody has a story. And she let everybody tell their story, to say what made them interesting and what makes New York interesting."

Like the city itself, New York New York was often casual in atmosphere. One day in 1981 the guest was diary writer Edward Rob Ellis, who had written more than 15 million words and who assured host Arlene Francis that she would be in his diary entry for today.

VOA still has one of its largest bureaus in New York, New York, but the program by that name is long gone.

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