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Advance Inspection Team Could Go to Iraq Nov. 18 - 2002-11-08

The International Atomic Energy Agency, which participates in weapons inspections in Iraq, has welcomed Friday's U.N. Security Council resolution. the agency is ready to get back to work in Iraq.

The International Atomic Energy Agency has confirmed it is already getting ready to send its weapons inspectors back into Iraq.

The agency's chief spokesman in Vienna, Mark Gwozdecky, says an advance team could go to Baghdad on November 18, if Iraq accepts the resolution.

The inspectors' first task would be to set up offices and reinstall remote surveillance equipment and cameras. Under the resolution, full inspections are to begin within 45 days.

Mr. Gwozdecky is pleased that the resolution was passed unanimously. He is confident that the weapons inspection teams will have unfettered access within Iraq because the Security Council has made clear the consequences of non-cooperation would be grave.