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Children's Summit Opens In Kigali - 2004-04-29

In the Rwandan capital, Kigali, a two-day children?s summit got underway Thursday. Two hundred fifty children from around the country are meeting to discuss their experiences ten years after the genocide. They range in age from 10 to 16.

The summit is being sponsored by UNICEF and the National Unity and Reconciliation Commission. Bintou Keita is the UNICEF representative in Rwanda. From Kigali, she spoke to English to Africa Joe De Capua about the children?s summit.

She says, ?The purpose of all of this is to listen to children, what they experienced during the genocide, what are the consequences for them today? And what are their views on the way the country is implementing the Convention for Child Rights? And also how the process for unity, peace and reconciliation is going on for them and their families, communities and schools??

She says the children will also present a vision of the Rwanda they wish to live in. Ms. Keita talks about the goals of the summit. She says, ?It?s a renewed commitment from all the stakeholders. So we need everybody on board from the government, the donor community, the children themselves.?

She says the summit precedes the National Summit for Adults On Unity and Reconciliation, which is to be held in about two weeks.

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