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Relief Workers Concerned Over Possible Epidemic in Haiti Following Floods - 2004-09-27

Relief workers are warning of an epidemic-size outbreak of diseases like malaria and tetanus in Haiti, as a humanitarian crisis mounts following devastating floods last week.

Reports from the flood-ravaged city of Gonaives Monday say many homes remain under water and many residents have not eaten for days.

U.N. peacekeepers and aid workers are struggling to distribute food and supplies throughout the country, but have been slowed by washed out roads and security concerns.

Meanwhile, hungry residents are continuing to riot and attempting to loot aid convoys.

A spokeswoman for the World Food Programme says enough food has been distributed for about 200,000 people, but she says this is only a small amount of what will be needed.

Flooding caused by Tropical Storm Jeanne has left at least 1,500 people dead and some 250,000 homeless.