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Tunisians Protest Killing of Hamas Drone Expert; 10 Arrested

  • Associated Press

FILE - Hamas militants and others, pay their condolences at the mourning ceremony for Mohammed Alzoari, a Tunisian aviation engineer who was shot dead in Tunisia, at the unknown soldier square in Gaza City, Dec. 18, 2016. Protests are planned in Tunisia over the killing.

Protests are planned in Tunisia over the killing of the head of Palestinian militant group Hamas' drone program in a Tunisian beach resort. Hamas accuses Israel of assassinating him.

In addition to Tuesday's protests, Tunisia's Parliament is expected to hold a special session in the coming days to discuss the killing, which critics call an attack on Tunisia's national sovereignty.

Tunisian authorities have arrested 10 people over the shooting of Tunisian aviation engineer Mohammed Alzoari, according to Interior Minister Hedi Medjoub.

The minister told reporters late Monday that Tunisian authorities aren't ruling out Israel's involvement. He said investigators have determined the killing was ordered by two foreigners and plotted from Hungary and Austria.

Hamas says Alzoari led the development of its drones.

The Israeli military has not commented.