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Astronomers Find Water Clouds Surrounding Object 7.3 Light Years Away

Astronomers Find Water Clouds Surrounding Object 7.3 Light Years Away
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This past week a group of astronomers has found evidence of clouds made up of frozen water crystals surrounding a burned out star just 7.3 light years away. The astronomers said that their findings provide the first evidence for water clouds outside of our own solar system. Today, we'll talk Dr. Jacqueline Ferity, who led the research behind this discovery on our One on One Segment. And… The World Health Organization has launched a new, nearly half a billion dollar campaign to fight the Ebola epidemic that, according to its statistics, has killed at least 1,550 people and infected more than 3,000 in Western Africa. Did you ever wonder how sheepdogs can get so many stubborn sheep to move in the same direction? Rosanne Skirble will tell what a team of European researchers learned. Major killer diseases will spread and health problems will worsen with climate change warns the World Health Organization. The WHO is urging nations to act quickly to reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases, which lead to climate change. Last Sunday’s magnitude 6.0 earthquake rocked northern California's Napa Valley. Roads twisted and water mains burst. We’ll find out what the future may hold for those who live along a fault line. The WHO recently recommended restrictions on the increasingly popular electronic cigarettes or E-cigarettes. Manufacturers of the electronic smoking device tout them as a safer alternative to traditional tobacco smokes. Synthetic rubber has been around for a long time. Now scientists, looking for a material that can produce a product that’s more like natural rubber, may have found a new source in what many consider a weed. These stories and more are coming up for you on VOA's science, health and technology magazine, "Science World."