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Bush, Kerry Offer Differing Positions on North Korean Nuclear Stand-off


President Bush and Democratic rival John Kerry have offered markedly different approaches to dealing with the stand-off over North Korea's nuclear weapons program.

President Bush and his administration have repeatedly refused to hold bilateral talks with North Korea -- despite demands for such meetings from Pyongyang.

The Bush administration maintains the stand-off with North Korea is a regional matter -- and has included South Korea, Russia, China and Japan in six-party talks on the issue.

But Senator Kerry says if elected, he will set out to immediately hold one-on-one talks with North Korea to persuade the communist country to abandon its nuclear weapons program.

Mr. Kerry says President Bush has ignored "the growing danger" in North Korea, adding the current approach is not working. He says since Mr. Bush came to office, Pyongyang has advanced its nuclear program and has a growing arsenal of weapons.