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Explosion Takes Place at House of Indonesian Militant

In Indonesia, there has been an explosion at the house of a known Islamic militant south of Jakarta. No one was killed in the blast, but it comes amid heightened warnings from police and foreign embassies that militants are planning more attacks.

The explosion occurred early Wednesday, when the tenant of the house, Fihiruddin Moqthe bin Abdul Rahman, better known as Abu Jibril, was praying at the local mosque.

It is still unclear what caused the explosion. It happened in the front yard of the house and caused no casualties and little damage.

General Firman Gani, the head of the Jakarta police, said they were keeping an open mind. He said there is a possibility that the explosion was the result of a local dispute - they had information that the neighbors and Abu Jibril were not getting along.

Abu Jibril has a long history of involvement in Islamic militancy. He trained in Afghanistan and is a close friend of Abu Bakar Bashir, the cleric who police and international intelligence services say once led Jemaah Islamiyah, the organization behind the October 2002 Bali tourist nightclub bombing and other attacks.

Abu Jibril was released from prison last October after serving a five-and-a-half month sentence for immigration violations and forgery.

Last week the United States embassy warned that it had credible information that extremists were planning an attack on an international hotel in Jakarta. Embassy officials believe the attack is planned to take place around noon, but they do not know which hotel or which day.

The embassy advised all U.S. citizens to stay away from hotels and other places where foreigners are known to congregate.

Although hundreds of militants have been arrested and are behind bars in Indonesia, some key members remain at large. Analysts warn that they still have the will and the capacity to launch new attacks.