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Cuban Child Dies After Smuggling Boat Capsizes

The U.S. Coast Guard says a boat filled with Cubans attempting to reach the United States has capsized off the coast of Florida, killing a child onboard.

Coast Guard officials Thursday say they rescued 30 Cubans clinging to the overturned boat's hull, in the waters south of Key West, Florida.

But, a six-year-old boy was found dead, trapped beneath the capsized boat.

The Coast Guard says a cutter chased the speedboat in the early morning hours, after the boat's driver refused to stop.

The suspected smuggling boat eluded capture, but the Coast Guard found it capsized a short time later.

In a written statement, Coast Guard officials expressed sadness at the loss of life, and say the incident shows the dangers of trying to illegally enter the United States by sea.

Under U.S. policy, Cubans who are intercepted at sea are usually returned to Cuba, while those who make it to dry land are allowed to stay in the United States.