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Immigration Rallies Planned Across US Monday


Scores of rallies and boycotts are being planned across the United States Monday to protest the proposed tightening of immigration laws.

Some employers are preparing for the possibility of losing many of their workers for the day.

Organizers are calling on supporters of what they call fairer immigration laws to show their support in several ways, including staying home from work, or wearing white that day. Organizers say they expect millions of people to participate.

A new, Spanish-language version of the U.S. national anthem was released Friday to coincide with the events. The recording by several Latin pop stars offers a twist on the original words, suggesting a contemporary struggle for liberty.

Asked about Monday's protests, President Bush said Friday that he does not support boycotts. A Spanish-speaker himself, he added that he believes the national anthem ought to be sung in English.

The president repeated his call for a what he terms a comprehensive immigration program. Mr. Bush advocates a temporary worker program that he says would ease the numbers of illegal immigrants entering the country. He added that he is against any amnesty for illegal aliens already in America, and is in favor of tighter border security and internal enforcement of immigration laws.

Monday's planned protests follow numerous demonstrations across the nation in the past month, sparked by proposed bills in Congress to tighten immigration laws and impose harsher penalties on illegal immigrants and those that hire them.

Many of the people who would be affected come from Mexico and Central America.

The rallies will include speeches, banners and the distribution of fliers urging eligible immigrants to fill out voter registration forms on the spot.

Some information for this report was provided by AP and Reuters.