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MLB: Bonds Nearly Hits 714th Home Run

San Francisco Giants hitter Barry Bonds came within centimeters of hitting his 714th home run Tuesday against the Chicago Cubs, but outfielder Juan Pierre prolonged his wait by at least one more day.

The Giants beat their National League (NL) rivals 6-1 in major league baseball action, getting home runs from Lance Niekro and Randy Winn. Bonds nearly joined them with a blast to center field in the fifth inning, but Pierre made a leaping catch at the wall to rob him.

Bonds needs just one homer to tie the legendary Babe Ruth for second place on major league's all-time home run list.

Other winners in the NL Tuesday include Philadelphia, Saint Louis, Milwaukee, Los Angeles, Pittsburgh, Washington and Atlanta. In the American League, Boston, Baltimore, Oakland, Minnesota, Chicago, Kansas City and Seattle were the victors.

The Philadelphia Phillies eked out a 5-4 win over the New York Mets. Albert Pujols hit his league-leading 17th home run to help the Saint Louis Cardinals beat the Colorado Rockies 4-2. The Milwaukee Brewers downed the San Diego Padres 5-4 in 10 innings, snapping the Padres nine-game winning streak.

Jeff Kent hit four RBIs, including a three-run home run, to help the Los Angeles Dodgers beat the Houston Astros 12-7. The Pittsburgh Pirates recorded a 3-0 shutout win over the Arizona Diamondbacks. The Washington Nationals routed the Cincinnati Reds 7-1, and the Atlanta Braves dominated the Florida Marlins for a 10-2 victory.

In the American League, the Boston Red Sox took advantage of sloppy defensive play and erratic pitching by Randy Johnson as they trounced the New York Yankees 14-3. The Baltimore Orioles defeated the Detroit Tigers 7-6. The Oakland A's downed the Toronto Blue Jays 6-5.

Justin Morneau hit two home runs and had a career high six RBIs to lead the Minnesota Twins to a 15-5 thrashing of the Texas Rangers. The Chicago White Sox dominated the Los Angeles Dodgers 9-1.

The Kansas City Royals defeated the Cleveland Indians 10-7, and the Seattle Mariners thumped the Tampa Bay Devil Rays 8-1.