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Ghana's Army Denies Allegations

The Ghana armed forces have denied reports, which suggest they are planning to attack an independent Accra radio station. The commanding officer of the southern command of the Ghana armed forces, Brigadier General Emmanuel Okyere, says the reports are misleading. He says the alleged attack was one of numerous contingency schemes aimed at providing security to all Ghanaians.

Brigadier General Okyere spoke with VOA English to Africa reporter Peter Clottey about the army’s contingency schemes.

“I actually had a press briefing just to set the matter straight. There is nothing like that. The first thing is that the armed forces have got a number of contingency schemes and these contingency schemes, as you can understand, cover a number of scenarios and situations. They cover key and important installations in the country as well… the document, which the press picked up and started parading as the gospel truth is one of our contingency schemes. How it got out is a subject of investigation we are doing now,” he noted.

Okyere says an investigation is ongoing to find out who leaked the army’s confidential document to the press.

“This is a subject of an investigation now. These things could happen and it’s very worrisome to us you can understand. But this is something we will investigate firmly and get to the root of. And I believe the press must understand. This is the point I tried to make good to them yesterday. That if they have such material they ought to come to us as responsible citizens of this country,” Okyere said.

He explains what the armed forces are doing to reassure Ghanaians about their safety.

“This is only a contingency plan and we made it plain to the press also that even if we had to rehearse a contingency plan like this, it is impossible for us to have just walked into a media house. We will definitely have a collaboration with the media house, we would have definitely consulted with them before we do anything like that,” he said.

Okyere says the armed forces always announce exercises they undertake.

“They know that even when exercises far away in the forest here, we always put it out here on the Internet and everywhere to let the citizenry know what we are doing. We live by the truth; our place is the security of the country. That’s what we set out to do. And they can rest assured that we will deliver all season,” he said.

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