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Fragile Peace in Northern Uganda Concerns Aid Group

The International Rescue Committee is expressing concern about the possible resumption of conflict in northern Uganda – with yesterday’s expiration of the ceasefire between the Ugandan government and LRA rebels. The LRA says it would not renew a peace deal with the government unless the venue of the peace talks moves from Juba in southern Sudan.

Shannon Meehan is Director of Advocacy for the IRC. She explains how people in northern Uganda are reacting to the renewed uncertainty. “Now there is a lot of hesitation, a lot of fear and much more pessimistic view that they will return to violence. People are fearful to go back home and there is not a lot of movement outside the camps as there was six and nine months ago”.

Meehan says security at the moment remains adequate. “There has been minimal of no security problems and it is something we watch daily to determine any change on ground.”

The IRC official says the IRC is very worried the area may once again descend into chaos. “People fear for their lives when the IRA moves. Currently the IRA is in northeastern Congo and southern Sudan. There has been reports that a small contingent has been sighted in northern Uganda and there were rumors all that movement creates and environment of fear and a reaction Ron the Ugandan government.”