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Nigerians Prepare to Vote for State Officials

Nigerians are preparing for this Saturday’s elections for governors and delegates to state houses of assembly. These elections are touted as setting the tone for the following presidential elections. For more insight on preparations for April 14th, English to Africa reporter Kim Lewis spoke with VOA Hausa service reporter Aliyu Mustapha in Kano.

He explained the mood of Nigerians as they prepare for the elections, “Nigeria is in a great mood politically speaking. Everybody is doing nothing other than politics in the country at the moment, All of the government’s policy staff have literally come to a stop because everything is now geared towards the elections. Everybody is waiting for the 14th of April.”

Aliyu also explained the importance of Saturday’s governors elections:

“I think this is the critical part of the elections because it is going to set the mood for the presidential elections. This is the first of a two part election,” he said.

“The success or failure of the arrangements that have been made are going to be measured by the elections on Saturday. You see security being set up; polling stations being readied; voting registration is supposed to be on display and they’re not on display; the media is talking about nothing else; and all speeches are politically inclined, “ he continued.

While the governorship elections are not expected to be marred by violence, Aliyu said, “The Inspector General of Police held a press conference in which he publicly announced that the police had purchased additional ammunition. In a way he’s telling everyone the police are ready to quell any violence.”

Nigeria’s presidential elections will be held the following week.