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Farmer Dies In Zimbabwe Violence - 2001-08-07

In Zimbabwe, another farmer has died after an attack, and clashes have erupted between farmers and militants who invaded their farms. Militants have also rampaged through the farming town of Chinhoyi, injuring a number of people.

Ralph Corbett, 76, died early Tuesday after being axed on his farm at Kwekwe, 180 kilometers south of Harare. He is the ninth farmer to die since militant supporters of President Robert Mugabe began invading commercial farms 18 months ago. No one has yet been prosecuted for any of the deaths.

At Chinhoyi, in northern Zimbabwe, at least five whites and one black were injured in attacks by youthful supporters of the ruling ZANU-PF party. The attackers ran through the town center stabbing and clubbing people. Local police advised white farmers in the area to stay away from the town, which is on the main highway to Zambia.

The attacks followed clashes on Monday near Chinhoyi between commercial farmers and farm invaders, with at least eight people injured.

At least 20 farmers have been arrested and police say they are being charged with inciting violence and attempted murder. Police say the invaders were the victims of an unprovoked attack, while the farmers say the clash began after they went to help a colleague who was under siege in his homestead.

Thousands of farm workers and several dozen farm owners have been injured in the violence associated with farm invasions.

The government has listed more than 4,000 farms for nationalization and says they will be used for resettlement of poor people.