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American Flags Flying High - 2001-09-18

In a show of support of the United States, large numbers of Americans are now displaying U.S. flags since last week's terrorist attacks.

People stand in line waiting to buy the patriotic badge of the United States – the American flag. At the train station in Washington, D.C., their faces reflect a quiet sadness.

One of those in line is a man from Ethiopia. A Canadian citizen, he explains why he bought a flag, “just to show how sorry I am for what happened. Just to show to the people that it’s just a kind of feeling that I want to show my feelings to those people who have all those horrible things.”

At the Pentagon, a flag is hung near the devastating site of the terrorist attack. In New York, flags mark the places where people have placed pictures of loved ones who worked in the World Trade Center.

In the Washington area, the "Stars and Stripes" are everywhere. People stop to honor the national symbol in front of buildings. They’re inside businesses - including Voice of America, and all over residential neighborhoods and displayed in cars as well.

One man hung a flag on his garage. “I’ve always felt that it’s one small way as Americans we can show solidarity with fellow Americans and also to our country,” he said.

Young people are also joining the phenomenon. “It means that we’re proud to be Americans and that more people need to respect the American flag as a symbol of our nation," explained one young boy. "I think previously it wasn’t admired as much as it should be. Now you can’t get an American flag anywhere. I think it’s great that people are putting it on their cars, front yard and their clothes. I think it’s just awesome.”