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Ivanov Calls For Global Effort to Combat Terrorism - 2001-09-24

Russia's Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov says his country stands ready to cooperate in a global fight against terrorism.

Speaking to the U.N. General Assembly Monday, Mr. Ivanov said the "entire civilized world shares the grief of the American people." He said the world should also mourn the victims of terrorists in other nations.

The Russian Foreign Minister said the changes generated by globalization have resulted in both positive and negative consequences. One negative, he noted, is that many nations have not benefited from globalization and that the gap between the most developed and least developed countries is growing rapidly.

However, Mr. Ivanov said globalization also offers an important mechanism for international cooperation. "In fighting new dangers, of which international terrorism is no doubt the greatest one, the main objective is to set up a global system to counteract new threats and challenges," the foreign minister said. "Such a system should integrate relevant multilateral interaction mechanisms, including early warning and prevention of emerging threats and resolute and adequate reaction to any of their manifestations within the framework of international law and under the coordinating leadership of the United Nations."

Mr. Ivanov said it is the strengthening of international law and order that should prevail in the era of globalization.

Both the U.N. General Assembly and Security Council have approved strong resolutions condemning the terrorist attacks and calling for cooperation in bringing those responsible to justice. The Security Council will be holding closed meetings this week to discuss what kind of additional resolution may be needed.