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Syria Presses US to Show Proof of Suspected Terrorists' Guilt - 2001-10-03

Syria's ambassador to the United Nations, Mikhail Wehbe, says the United States does have the right to bring the perpetrators of terrorism to justice, but should provide proof of guilt.

Speaking to the U.N. General Assembly session on terrorism, Mr. Wehbe said the United States does have the right to pursue those responsible for the September 11 terrorism. However, Mr. Wehbe said evidence as to who was responsible should be provided. "Syria reaffirms the right of the United States, within the framework of the United Nations, to pursue the perpetrators of these terrorist acts and bring them to justice through the various competent commissions and bodies as well as to adopt carefully calculated measures to fight against terrorism. However, any action to this end must be accompanied by irrefutable proof and in-depth and clear investigation," he said through a translator.

So far, the United States has presented evidence to the NATO alliance that the Osama bin Laden organization was behind the attacks. However, the United States has not made a general release of the information, with U.S. officials citing intelligence considerations.

In his speech to the General Assembly, the Syrian ambassador said that, in addition to apprehending those responsible for terrorism, the root causes of terrorism must be dealt with. Mr. Wehbe also said that the peace process involving Israel and the Palestinians must be revived immediately.