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FBI: More Attacks Possible - 2001-10-11

Five days after the start of air strikes in Afghanistan, the FBI is warning Americans to be prepared for the possibility of more terrorist attacks.

The FBI is telling law enforcement agencies across the United States to be on the highest state of alert ahead of what could be more terrorism directed against Americans.

The FBI says its information has indicated that there may be additional attacks either within the United States or against American targets overseas.

It was an unusually stark warning and comes just days after members of Congress were told by Bush Administration officials that the U.S. military action in Afghanistan would most likely lead to more terrorist attacks.

The latest FBI warning, one month after the terror attacks in New York and Washington, stops short of citing any specific threats.

The State Department has already warned Americans around the world to be on guard for possible retaliation by terrorists or their supporters in response to the U.S.-led air strikes in Afghanistan.