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Powell Cites Successes in War on Terror

Secretary of State Colin Powell says there have been both military and diplomatic successes this week in the war against terrorism. Mr. Powell made his remarks from Shanghai, where has been attending the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation meeting, on the nationally televised Sunday CBS program, Face the Nation.

Mr. Powell says Saturday's U.S. special forces raids in southern Afghanistan accomplished their goals, uncovering important information and meeting few casualties. And at the APEC meeting in Shanghai, he says, the United States received the political support it had hoped for from the nations of the Pacific Rim. "The Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation group joined the coalition in support of the United States goal of ridding this part of the world of every cell of the al-Quaida organization, wherever it is in the world," he observed, "and going after terrorism in general."

Mr. Powell applauded what he considers a very powerful anti-terrorist statement from a very powerful group of nations. "The message I have for Osama Bin Laden is that he cannot hide behind a faith in which he does not believe," he said, "because if he believed in it, he would not be doing what he does, and that the coalition is coming after him. We will find his money. We will find ways to get into his networks."

Secretary Powell says the battle has now intensified and a successful conclusion is closer at hand. He did not give any timetable but did say it would be in the interests of the United States and its allies to see the military action in Afghanistan resolved before the onset of the Afghan winter.