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Bush Wants More Tax Cuts - 2001-10-24

President Bush wants more tax cuts to stimulate the U.S. economy following the September 11 terrorist attacks. Congress is considering the president's economic stimulus package.

President Bush says America is not only fighting a war against international terrorism, it's also fighting to boost its economy following last month's terrorist attacks and the recent spread of anthrax.

"We are fighting a war on two fronts," the president said. "We fight a war at home, and part of the war we fight is to make sure that our economy continues to grow. When the terrorists struck our homeland, they thought we would fold. They thought our economy would crater, that's what they wanted. But they don't understand America. They don't understand the entrepreneurial spirit of our country. They don't understand the spirit of the working men and women of America."

Speaking at a local printing company in the state of Maryland, President Bush told the crowd that he wants to speed up a series of ongoing tax cuts by giving more money back to consumers, giving rebates to low income families and allowing businesses to deduct more of the costs of new equipment.

"We need to accelerate the tax relief that is already going to happen," said Mr. Bush. "In other words, instead of waiting for next year's tax relief to happen, let's put it into this year to bolster consumer spending. We want you to have more money to spend, particularly as we head into the Christmas season. We want our consumers feeling confident."

Mr. Bush says part of that confidence is protecting homeland security. While he said there is still no hard evidence linking the spread of anthrax with the violence of September 11, the president said both events were clearly carried out by "evil" people who want to hurt America. He said the government is doing everything it can to protect people from future attacks and punish those responsible for the violence.