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American Jets Attack Taleban Positions

Air strikes continued over northern Afghanistan, pounding Taleban positions for the fifth time in eight-days.

From early morning, American B-52 and F-18 jets flew in over the mountains of northern Afghanistan, near the border with Tajikistan.

They repeatedly bombed Taleban front lines in the hills opposite Northern Alliance lines at Dasht-e-Qala.

The commander of the Dasht-e-Qala region, Muamar Hassan, says that the Northern Alliance has received information about the damage inflicted on the Taleban by earlier strikes.

He says nine positions out of 300 have been destroyed and around 60 Taleban soldiers killed.

Commander Hassan says the Northern Alliance is waiting for greater results before commencing military action on the ground.

He says the Northern Alliance is also waiting for weapons and ammunition. These have been promised by Russia, but have not been supplied in the north.

Commander Hassan says that once the weapons are supplied, he is planning to attack the city of Talaqan, a former regional capital of the Northern Alliance that the Taleban captured in fierce fighting just more than a year ago.

There are reports that the Taleban is reinforcing the front lines at Talaqan.