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King Abdullah Gives Strong Support For US Military Campaign

Jordan's King Abdullah says he fully agrees with the objectives of the U.S.-led anti-terrorism coalition. The king spoke in London after meeting with British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

King Abdullah has given a ringing endorsement to the U.S.-led military campaign against terrorism based in Afghanistan.

At a joint news conference with Prime Minister Blair, the Jordanian leader praised Mr. Blair's diplomatic travels on behalf of the coalition against terrorism.

"We see eye-to-eye on all issues. Particularly we have been very proud of your efforts and your travels throughout the Middle East and the Islamic world to clarify the West's position that this is not a struggle between the west and Islam," he said.

King Abdullah said Islamic terrorists have, as he put, "hijacked Islam for their own destructive ends."

"This is a battle not between moderate Muslims and extremist Muslims, because there is no such thing as moderate Muslims. There is Islam, and there are extremists who have hijacked this religion," he said.

The Jordanian monarch said the military objectives must take priority over suspending operations during the upcoming Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

King Abdullah also said he and Mr. Blair agree on the importance of reviving the Middle East peace process as soon as possible.

In a speech to the British Parliament before meeting Mr. Blair, King Abdullah said the coalition against terrorism has a "unique opportunity" to help settle the Middle East conflict.