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Astronauts, Cosmonauts Commemorate September 11 Attacks - 2001-12-11

U.S. and Russian space crews joined mission control centers in Houston and Moscow in observing the passage of three months since the September terrorist attacks.

The combined crews of the international space station and the visiting space shuttle Endeavour listened as U.S. mission control played the U.S. and Russian national anthems.

On the ground, shuttle flight director Wayne Hale spoke of what he called the loss and sorrow due to the unprecedented attack on freedom, democracy, and civilization. "History has shown that those who take violence and terror as their tools ultimately always fail to accomplish their goals," he said.

Aboard the space station, outgoing U.S. commander Frank Culbertson said the September events gave the U.S. and Russian space programs greater resolve to continue their cooperation in space.

His incoming Russian counterpart, Yury Onufrienko, said September 11 would be remembered as a sad day for all time, while shuttle commander Dom Gorie said the United States is recovering beautifully from the tragedies.