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US Submits Progress Report on Fighting Terrorism - 2001-12-19

The United States ambassador to the United Nations, John Negroponte, has delivered a report on what his nation is doing to fight terrorism.

The report says the United States has taken a number of measures, including freezing the assets of terrorist organizations, tracking down terrorists currently inside the United States, and blocking entrance to members of terrorist organizations in other nations.

In addition, Mr. Negroponte told reporters, the United States is offering technical assistance to other countries in their efforts to fight terrorism. "We have also have stepped up bilateral law enforcement and intelligence exchanges to prevent terrorist attacks and stand ready to provide assistance to states seeking to improve their abilities to combat terrorism. We are preparing a compendium of available United States technical assistance."

The report that Mr. Negroponte delivered is required by a recent U.N. Security Council resolution that calls on all nations to fight terrorism and submit an initial report on what they are doing by December 27.

Mr. Negroponte said the United States will continue to work with the Security Council committee on terrorism to build an international consensus on strategies and cooperation.