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Pentagon Plans 9-Month Observances of September 11 Attacks Tuesday - 2002-06-10

Tuesday, June 11, marks nine months since the September 11 terrorist attack on the Pentagon. Defense officials plan special observances.

The central event of the day will be the placing of the final piece of limestone to complete the reconstruction of the Pentagon's western facade. That is the side destroyed nine months ago when suicide terrorists crashed a commandeered airliner into the building.

It will be the last of nearly 4,000 slabs of limestone used in the rebuilding of the outer wall. Assistant Secretary of Defense Charles Abell says a special bronze dedication capsule will be placed behind the final piece. "It's our way of remembering and memorializing the victims and the events of September 11, and to recognize the good works of the many dedicated people in the construction crews who helped us reconstruct the Pentagon so quickly and so well," he said.

The small capsule will contain an assortment of memorabilia, including shoulder patches worn by local fire and police officials who responded to the September 11 attack. There will also be a special emblem worn by the construction crews along with medallions from Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and General Richard Myers, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

There will also be a selection of children's drawings, an autographed photograph of President Bush visiting the Pentagon and a plaque listing the names of the victims of the terrorist attack.

184 people died in the attack, including workers at the Pentagon as well as passengers and crew on the hijacked plane.