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Pakistan Says India Tortured and Killed Border Guard

Pakistan is accusing India of torturing and murdering one of its border security guards after capturing him in an a buffer zone between the two countries. India has denied the charge. A spokesman for the Pakistani military said the incident has escalated tensions between India and Pakistan.

Pakistani spokesman Major-General Rashid Qureshi has called for an inquiry into the incident, which took place on Wednesday. He said Lance Corporal Maqsood's body was returned to Pakistan on Thursday and he was buried with full military honors. The spokesman said a body seen in a video provided by Pakistani officials was that of the security guard. It was clear it had been tortured.

"From the autopsy, it has been ascertained that he was brutally murdered," he said.

General Qureshi said the Pakistani soldier was trying to recover camels, that had strayed into no-man's land along the frontline in Punjab province. He said Indian troops had given him the go-ahead to recover the animals.

"Once he went up ahead and got hold of the camels, eight to nine Indian personnel grabbed him and took him towards their side, including the camels, to their side of the border and behind the fence. At this, there was an exchange of fire between Pakistani and the Indian troops," he said.

Indian military officials deny the Pakistani border guard was tortured. Tensions between India and Pakistan are already running high over the disputed region of Kashmir. Both countries have mobilized nearly one million soldiers along their border. General Qureshi urged the international community to force India to de-escalate the tensions.

"This could have escalated, It was I think the restraint that the Pakistani side exercised, which frankly after this incident it becomes difficult to control troops in their response," General Qureshi said.

Indian officials said one of their own paramilitary officers was killed in an encounter while trying to stop an infiltrator on the border with Pakistan.