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14 Dead in Midair Plane Crash over Goa, India - 2002-10-01

Two Indian Navy reconnaissance planes have crashed over the western state, Goa, killing at least 14 people. The death toll includes all 12 crew members and at least two people on the ground.

The two Russian-built Ilyushin IL-38 reconnaissance planes collided in midair. Their crews were practicing aerial maneuvers to be performed during an air show to mark the 25th anniversary of the Indian Navy's 315th air squadron, which is based in Goa.

The accident occurred over Goa's main airport at Panaji, which is a major tourist destination. A number of people on the ground were seriously injured when the planes went down. One plane crashed into a house. The other fell into a field, near a road.

Witnesses say both planes were completely engulfed in fire and destroyed in the accident. Authorities say an investigation is underway to determine the cause of the crash. The planes were based at a large Navy base in Goa and were used in maritime reconnaissance activities.

Authorities say the planes were not involved in a week-long naval warfare exercise, being conducted by the United States and India in the Indian ocean.