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Plundering The DRC - 2002-10-22

A United Nations panel has called on the Security Council to impose financial sanctions against countries, companies and individuals who plunder the wealth of the Democratic Republic of Congo, DRC.

English to Africa reporter Richard Kotey spoke with David Mafabi, a senior political analyst with the Global Pan-African Movement, from Kampala. He said countries and individuals plundering the DRC should be exposed and punished.

The UN report mentioned what it called elite networks that it said are running a self-financing war economy centered on pillaging the DRC. Mr. Mafabi said these networks have been financing the war effort all along, and it’s wishful thinking to think they will vanish into thin air when the hostilities end.

He calls for the implementation of the Lusaka Accord, which includes disengagement and the withdrawal of foreign forces from the country, as well as the deployment of peacekeeping forces.