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Bush:  It's Time for UN to Act on US Iraq Proposal - 2002-10-24

President Bush says it is time for the United Nations to act on a new U.S. proposal to disarm Iraq. That plan is still facing criticism from Russia and France.

President Bush wants the United Nations to pass a resolution warning of serious consequences, if Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein does not agree to a full disclosure of all his weapons programs within 30 days.

Mr. Bush says Iraq is a threat, because it could help terrorists use those weapons to attack the United States.

Campaigning for Republican congressional candidates Thursday, the president again warned that he will lead his own coalition against Iraq, if the United Nations fails to act.

"We have made the call to the international community and to Mr. Saddam Hussein himself to disarm," the president said. "But, my friends, if the United Nations won't act, if they're feeble in their responsibility, and if Saddam Hussein will not disarm, the United States will lead a coalition in the name of peace to disarm Saddam Hussein."

Some U.N. Security Council members appeared to favor the U.S. plan, but it is still facing opposition from permanent members Russia and France. Russian officials say voting quickly on the U.S. resolution on Iraq will be counter-productive.

Iraqi Foreign Minister Naji Sabri told the Al Jazeera television that the U.S. draft resolution would be an insult to the U.N., and is a pretext for attacking Iraq.