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Suspect Arrested in Connection With Deadly Bali Bombing

Indonesian police have named a suspect in the bombing that claimed the lives of nearly 200-people in Bali. The extent of his involvement in the plot remains unclear.

Police say they arrested a suspect, identified as Amrozi, earlier in the week in East Java and flew him to Bali for questioning by international investigators.

Authorities say Mr. Amrozi admitted to being the owner of the white Mitsubishi van used in the blast outside a crowded nightclub in Bali's busy Kuta tourist district. Police think one bomb was placed in that van and another, smaller bomb was in a second vehicle.

Da'i Bachtiar, Indonesia's national police chief, says police traced the car to its last buyer, who then used the car to carry out the bombing in Bali. He thinks everyone now knows his name is Amrozi or M. Rozi. He adds that while under questioning, Mr. Amrozi revealed many things he did in Bali, and police are hunting down his friends.

Mr. Bachtiar says police are still checking the information the suspect provided.

His detention marks the first significant step toward finding those responsible for the October 12 bombing, which officials describe as the worst terrorist attack in Indonesia's history. Nearly 200 people died in the blast, many of them foreign tourists.

Police have said they think roughly a dozen people were involved in the plot.

Separately, police released a sketch of a fourth man witnesses said they saw in the area just before the explosion. Sketches of three other suspects were released last month. The men in the sketches are all thought to be Indonesians.

Authorities have questioned at least nine men who resemble the sketches. But none has been named an official suspect.