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Iraqi Press:  Inspections Will Test UN Credibility - 2002-11-15

Iraqi newspapers said Friday that Iraq's decision to readmit weapons inspectors will put U.N. credibility, honesty and objectivity to the test.

Two state-run newspapers said Friday that Iraq accepted the U.N. Security Council's disarmament resolution to protect its people, and because the country hopes inspectors will do their job honestly, impartially and only to report to the United Nations.

Iraq's ruling Baath party newspaper, Al Thawra, says U.N. monitoring agencies involved in the inspections will be tested by what the paper calls anticipated U.S. interference in their work.

Another state-controlled newspaper, Al Iraqi, says the inspections will reveal that the United States has been lying about Iraq's weapons program.

Before the unanimous Security Council vote, Russia and France persuaded the United States to make some changes in the resolution, including insertion of a plan for the Security Council to meet before any military action is taken.

Al Thawra called the Russian and French attempt to prevent unilateral U.S. military action superficial.