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IAEA: Iraqi Nuclear Weapons Document Contains Old Information - 2002-12-13

The International Atomic Energy Agency says most of the information Iraq provided on its nuclear program is more than 10-years-old. The agency's director says there are only 300 pages of new material in Iraq's 2,400-page report on its nuclear program.

The director of the IAEA, Mohamed ElBaradei, told a news conference in Vienna his translators and analysts are working on the new material, and are removing sensitive information. He says this 'sanitized' version of the Iraqi report, and a preliminary analysis, should be ready for the Security Council by Tuesday.

"The new part is 300 pages in Arabic that covers activities in 1991 until 2002," he explained. "A good part of it also we know, however there is additional information. We are going through it right now."

Mr. ElBaradei says he will brief the council on Thursday on Iraq's report on its nuclear program, and the chief weapons inspector, Hans Blix, will brief the council at the same time on the much larger part of the report covering Iraq's chemical and biological weapons, and its missile program.

Still, the IAEA director says the process of verifying Iraq's capabilities through detailed inspections by experts is just beginning.