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6 More Arrests in Britain Linked to Ricin Poison - 2003-01-13

British anti-terrorist police have made six more arrests amid reports the suspects are linked to last week's discovery of a deadly toxin in a London apartment.

The anti-terrorist branch of Scotland Yard said officers arrested five men and one woman Sunday in the area of Bournemouth, a city on Britain's southern coast.

In conjunction with the arrests, the police searched two locations in the Bournemouth area Monday, but a police statement said no chemical materials were found.

The statement gave no other details except to say the arrests are in connection with what are termed "continuing enquiries."

British media said the arrests are connected to last week's discovery in London of traces of the deadly ricin toxin in a raid that netted seven arrests. However, London police will not confirm that the two cases are related.

While the Bournemouth suspects underwent questioning, four men arrested in the London ricin raid were arraigned in court Monday on terrorist and chemical weapons charges.

The men are of North African origin and range in age from 17 to 33. One man gave an address in Algiers. The others listed London addresses. They are being held without bail and will return to court on Friday.

Of the other suspects, one faces forgery charges and another has been turned over to immigration officials. Police have cleared one suspect of terrorism, and he is free on bail pending drug and immigration charges.