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Democrats Renew Concerns Over War With Iraq - 2003-03-06

Opposition Democrats in the House of Representatives and the Senate have renewed their concerns about U.S.-led military action against Iraq.

Senate minority leader Tom Daschle says an attack on Iraq at this time would be premature. "In our view they are rushing to war, without adequate concern for the ramifications of doing so unilaterally," he said.

Senator Daschle says he is concerned about what he calls an "extraordinary disintegration of international support" for the U.S. position.

His comments were echoed by House Democratic minority leader Nancy Pelosi.

"We all agree that Saddam Hussein acts outside the circle of civilized human behavior, that he must be stopped, that he must be disarmed, but the question remains: Is going to war not the best way to do that?" she said.

Congress voted overwhelmingly last October to give President Bush authorization to take military action.