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'US, Britian, Spain Do Not Respect International Law,' says Iraqi Minister - 2003-03-17

Iraq is calling Sunday's summit of U.S., British and Spanish leaders a "summit of outlaws." Iraqi Information Minister Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf says Sunday's meeting showed the three leaders do not respect international law.

President Bush, British Prime Minister Tony Blair and Spanish Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar announced after that emergency summit they were giving diplomacy one more day to settle the Iraq crisis. They say Iraqi President Saddam Hussein is not cooperating in the discovery and destruction of his weapons of mass destruction, as he is required to do so.

But Mr. al-Sahaf insists Baghdad is cooperating fully with U.N. demands that it account for and destroy all chemical, biological and nuclear weapons. He said Sunday's summit demonstrated how these three countries were isolated from the world and accused them of spreading lies.

"I think it's a failure," said Mr. al-Sahaf. "Those despicable three failures, they tried again to divert attention. And all they presented was a series of lies, and a series of dark, black propaganda, like Mr. Bush and the others."

The Iraqi Information Minister added that the summit's decision to allow just one more day for diplomacy was not only a threat to Iraq, but to the rest of the countries which oppose a war at this time.