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Anti-War Sentiment Rises in the U.S. and Europe - 2003-03-18

While U.S. President George W. Bush continues to drum up support for a U.S.-led invasion on Iraq, antiwar sentiments are growing in the United States and in Europe, thousands are taking their anti-war message to the street to say “no” to a U.S. led attack on Iraq.

Kimberly Russell has the story.

This past weekend, anti-war activists throughout Europe marched to voice their opposition to a U.S. attack on Iraq. The demonstrations took place as the leaders of the U.S. Britain and Spain were meeting to discuss the next step in dealing with Iraq.

In Washington Monday, U.S. protestors also took to the streets.

“We got determination, we got determination.”

They weren’t a large group, but the 100 or so protestors, wanted to take their peaceful anti-war message to the U.S. Capitol.

The marchers, including ministers, students, mothers, sang, chanted and carried anti-war signs and banners urging President Bush not to attack Iraq.

Jason Kafoury helped organize the demonstration.

“I think the world is saying no to this war. We are seeing that massively in all the poll numbers that have come out. We want the rest of the world to realize there is an incredibly strong peace movement here in this country.”

Mr. Kafoury said there are plans for more demonstrations in Washington this week to protest a possible U.S. war on Iraq.