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Images of War - 2003-03-28

In television news, we present moving pictures, but often still photographs can be just as moving in another sense. VOA-TV'S Jim Harriott has some examples, taken in Iraq by photographers of Reuters News Service.

These rusted, machine gun bullets spill from a bag of humanitarian aid grain, found in the destroyed headquarters of the Ba'ath Party, in the town of Q in southern Iraq in the desert of central Iraq.

A U.S. Army engineer Gregory Wilkie wipes his goggles as he stands guard duty in a heavy sandstorm. Winds of up to 80 kilometers an hour can stir up the sand to a blinding frenzy.

In Kuwait, ground crews check a "Harrier" Jet of the British royal Air Force, as it is reflected in the surface water, created by heavy downpours of rain on their base. American Marines from Fox Company, U.S. Marine Expeditionary Unit, take cover from Iraqi fire during the early stage of the push into southern Iraq.

Soldiers from SCAT (Small Crew Action Team) ready one of its 50-caliber machine guns at dusk as they keep watch from the bow of an Aegis Guided-Missile Cruiser, the U.S.S. Mobile Bay in a southern Iraqi town.

A tattered picture of a still-smiling Iraqi President Saddam Hussein looks down from a military compound in Umm Qasr. We see the tattooed arm of an American G.I. carrying his weapon as he patrols a water treatment plant. The tattoo includes the motto of the northeastern U.S. state of New Hampshire: Live Free or Die. Some frozen pieces of time captured in the images of war.