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Bush: 'We Will Not Impose a Government on Iraq' - 2003-04-24

President Bush says he has faith in the Iraqi people, and the United States will not impose a government on their country.

President Bush said progress is being made in Iraq and freedom is taking root.

"I have faith in the Iraqi people," he said. "They have the resources, the talent and the desire to live in peace and freedom."

He said the United States will help, but the fate of Iraq lies in the hands of its people.

"Iraq must be democratic," President Bush added. "And as new Iraqi leaders begin to emerge, we will work with them. One thing is certain, we will not impose a government on Iraq."

Mr. Bush spoke at a defense factory in the state of Ohio that makes tanks for the U.S. Army. He told a cheering crowd that America will press on in Iraq until its mission is complete, and that includes finding out the truth about Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction.